Infinity Licensing, LLC

Breakfast Monsters!

Artist and Toy designer Heidi Kenney has made her mark in the industry as an artist specializing in creative plush design and 3D soft sculptures. Her ultra-popular assortment of YUMMY™ has been a hit with kids and is a celebrity favorite, with plush, keychains, home decor and more.

Heidi's latest creation, Breakfast Monsters!, feature Heidi’s unique style in oddly adorable spooky-but-lovable breakfast foods. Each Breakfast Monsters! is packaged in its own cereal box, so every single one has a surprise inside! Super soft and very collectible - sure to make even Monday morning fun to wake up to. Super Impulse USA, LLC creator of the renowned World’s Smallest range of toys and collectibles, is introducing a new, unique mini plush collectible line called Breakfast Monsters™! The adorable food-themed plush toys with a spooky twist are now available on store shelves everywhere!.

There are 9 adorable characters featured in the initial collection of Breakfast Monsters! —Orange Ogre, Vampire Egg, Spider Sausage, Franken Toast, Banshee Bagel, Muffin Mummy, and Zombie Donut – with Spoiled Milk and Gory Grapefruit as the chase plush characters. Breakfast Monsters! are available now and will start at $4.99.

INFINITY LICENSING will be partnering with other manufacturers in licensing additional product categories.

Target: Tweens+

Territory: Worldwide